Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Corona Del Mar

Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Corona Del Mar

  • Carol Lee
  • 07/13/23

Perched on the Pacific Ocean in the affluent city of Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar is a highly sought-after neighborhood with excellent schools, stunning views of the ocean, and shopping experiences. Once a seaside ranch belonging to a sheep rancher, Corona Del Mar started selling real estate lots for around $500 in 1904 and has since grown into the lovely suburban hideaway it is today.

Corona Del Mar is home to one of the most beautiful beaches along the southern coast of California, yet it is also less crowded than many of the other local beaches in the area. Perhaps because Corona Del Mar’s beaches sit amid neighborhoods rather than businesses, residents tend to have the place all to themselves. It creates a quintessential California atmosphere, where kids grow up learning to surf, and adults still engage in this favorite pastime. No place is perfect, but this seaside neighborhood is pretty close. Still, it’s only fair to present both the pros and cons of living in Corona Del Mar.

Pros of living in Corona Del Mar

The pros of living in Corona Del Mar obviously relate to its location next to beaches and shopping, as well as the excellent school system. Growing up here or settling down as an adult creates its own vibe that makes you never want to leave.

Suburbs on the beach

Location is everything, and who wouldn’t want the peaceful tranquility of well-maintained suburbs right on a relatively quiet beach? Most residents in Corona Del Mar own their homes, the schools are among the best in California, and the waves are epic for surfers looking to get out on their boards.

The median list price as of April 2023 is $3.92 million, which speaks to the level of wealth in this community. Maintaining an upscale lifestyle is easy within its borders. No location within the neighborhood is more than a few minutes walk from the beach, and the beach itself boasts clean sand and even a few playgrounds with ocean views just steps from the water.

Upscale shopping and fine dining

Corona Del Mar Plaza is the epitome of upscale, with boutique shops, fine dining, and people-watching all only steps from the ocean. Adjacent to Corona Del Mar, residents can head to Fashion Island, a large outdoor complex with luxury fashion shops, exquisite cuisine, fountains that spout water for children to play in, and a fish lagoon that runs under a footpath. Just over a short bridge, Balboa Island offers still more high-quality food and shopping to be had by locals and visitors alike. There really is no end of places to buy whatever your heart desires and delight your palate.

A vibrant nightlife

While not wild and raucous, Corona Del Mar’s nightlife is rich and alive, with interesting lounges, bars, and restaurants serving delicious cocktails, locally brewed beers, and fine wines. For a more elite, refined class of visitors, these pubs and eateries cater to adventurous palates and curious tastes.

The Quiet Woman offers American food and drinks in a lively atmosphere with regular live music. Port Restaurant and Bar has mixed drinks, nightly music, and a moody ambiance. NTR is a modern-day speakeasy that gives off mysterious locals-only vibes. If you’re looking for a night on the town within your own neighborhood, Corona Del Mar is the place to live.

Cons of living in Corona Del Mar

No place can be all good, right? In a place like Corona Del Mar, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the bad. However, there are a few cons to consider.

Not as secluded as other beach towns

While Corona Del Mar is certainly suburban, it is not as suburban or as tucked away as some of Southern California’s other beach towns. The Pacific Palisades and the Palos Verdes Peninsula are much more secluded and feel more exclusive. Corona Del Mar is close to the airport and has major highways running through and around it. Thus, if you’re looking for a neighborhood unlikely to be visited by outsiders, Corona Del Mar may not be it.

Climate change is a concern

Southern California is home to more wildfires every year, and Corona Del Mar is no exception. With climate change in full swing, you should expect to see more wildfires and rainy days like that seen in the last year, which means more flooding and potentially more property damage. You should also consider droughts, water shortages, heat waves, and rising sea levels. That’s a lot to think about if you’re considering moving to Corona Del Mar. On the bright side, wildfires are still relatively infrequent, and the State of California has been taking measures that have prevented 98% of wildfires.

Moving to Corona Del Mar

We always take the good with the bad, consider our choices, and decide which costs are worth the benefits. With Corona Del Mar, there is much more to love than to worry about, as most of the worries are either small or merely potential rather than inevitable. The beaches, the nightlife, the community, and the shopping are all big sellers worth at least exploring before favoring the negative factors. Corona Del Mar is an amazing place to live, by virtually all accounts.

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