Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Prepare to Sell Your Home

Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Prepare to Sell Your Home

  • Carol Lee
  • 10/16/22

It’s well-known that real estate agents simplify the home selling process. They come with a lot of advice and seem to fade into the background until it’s time to show the home. What are they doing when they go? How are they getting your house sold? While a lot of it comes down to the agent, here’s a look at the process.
Your realtor will use their expertise to help you find the best price for your home. They’ll provide you with advice and even stage your house to create the perfect setting for buyers. These buyers arrive through the marketing and networking efforts your agent puts in for you. They’re filtered through, so only serious options encroach on your time. The realtor provides you with an honest eye, shrewd negotiation, and the expertise you need to limit your liability.

An unbiased eye

You’ve lived in your home so long that you may not see everything the agent sees. They provide fresh eyes with an objective lens. It’s their job to notice anything that risks inhibiting a sale. High expectations make the Newport Beach real estate market—there’s nothing personal about the agent's suggestions. They use their expertise to discover the needs of your home.

Setting the stage

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To attract the best buyers, your realtor will create the ultimate homebuying experience for them. Setting the stage of your home makes a cohesive and attractive look that won’t overpower the imaginations of the future owner. It’s essential that potential buyers see their lives in the home.
Your agent may ask you to change a few things about your home to improve its value. They’ll likely ask you to remove personal items like family photos from the walls. If desired, an agent can help with aesthetic changes—the expectation of Newport Beach houses is careful curation. Your realtor will know how to orchestrate this look in your home.

Help ground you

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An agent certainly isn’t a life coach or a guru, but they’re here to help ground you in reality. Selling a home is an emotional process, but it’s also a significant financial decision. Your agent will help you maintain objective thinking throughout this emotional process. They’ll help protect your investment to get you the best and most realistic deal.
Whether you’re excited about selling the house or overflowing with nostalgia, selling such a large investment and making a dramatic change in your life is bound to be a bit emotional. It’s not uncommon for sellers to go through a series of emotions ranging from excitement to fear and then, finally, closure.

The right price

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A good agent will know how to price your home to get you the most value and sell it quickly. They know Newport Beach real estate and will intimately familiarize themselves with your home to help you find that perfect number. While online valuations offer a great starting point to understanding your home’s worth, they lack the in-person look your realtor provides.
They’ll set realistic expectations based on the house’s current state and features. If you lived in the house for a long time, you likely changed it in several ways throughout that time. Some of these changes will have increased your home’s value, while others made it a happier place to live. Your agent will highlight the changes that add value to your home, utilizing their expertise to get you the best price on your property.

A matter of marketing

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Real estate agents are also marketing experts. They create and spread all of the marketing material for your home, from online ads to any materials provided in the house. Brochures and welcoming materials are the little details that don't just bring a customer in—they keep them around. Advertisement dramatically impacts the feeling of making a home purchase.
Newport Beach houses must meet a higher standard. Sitting on the market for too long garners questions about your home. A good agent will present your home in the right light the first time, ensuring it moves quickly.

Making you connections

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You know realtors bring buyers to the house, but do you know how they do it? Agents make connections with other agents by networking with their community for a resource of buyers. A well-established agent has a deep network to tap into, providing several avenues for procuring the best buyers for your home.
While Newport Beach real estate is perpetually hot, the group of people looking at your home sets the tone for how much you can sell it. Combing through your options, honing in on serious buyers, and showcasing the level of interest in the home helps your realtor earn the highest returns on your property investment.

Find the right buyers

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Finding the right buyers means filtering out the wrong ones. Realtors know the difference between serious buyers and casual browsers. They’ll host open houses, alleviating you from going through the process yourself. Not only does this save you time, it allows you to skip out on all the comments viewers make about your home.
Allowing your realtor to handle the viewing saves you the stress of hosting potential buyers. Enjoy an afternoon at the beach or walk through shops around town while your realtor gets you offers.

Killer negotiations

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While you may know where your bottom line for an offer lies, negotiations have more nuance. The initial offer is just the beginning; inspections can create new requests and demands. An agent will help you determine how to move forward when an initial offer changes. They’ll negotiate on your behalf, protecting you from liability while helping you get the most for your house.
Here’s where clever thinking comes in handy. There are several ways to settle an issue, and they don’t always involve repair or price reduction. The buyer may want furniture items or decor in exchange for the work needed. This is an opportunity to turn a shortcoming into something beneficial. It all depends on the negotiation skills of your realtor. 
The most crucial aspect of the behind-the-scenes work is who’s doing it. Carol Lee Group is full of savvy realtors who know the local market and how to work it to get you the best return on your investment. They’re full of charm and integrity, giving you honest calls and connecting you with the right buyers.

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