Must-Have Tools Carol Lee Uses to Sell Your Home Faster

Must-Have Tools Carol Lee Uses to Sell Your Home Faster

  • Carol Lee
  • 02/20/23

Sellers looking to list their Newport Beach luxury real estate can count on the expertise of local agents like Carol Lee. She has access to valuable tools needed in preparation and marketing. These include accurate and recent market data, professional connections, and marketing strategies. Read on to learn about the must-have tools you’ll see implemented in your home sale.

Local market statistics

Understanding local market trends is an important step to prepare a home for listing. An expert agent will use data from reliable sources like the California Association of Realtors. With this data, they can determine if the market favors buyers or sellers, if the market is cooling or heating up, and other trends impacting a home sale. They’ll keep these statistics in mind when timing and pricing your home sale.

Currently, Newport Beach’s housing market is experiencing cooling trends. Home sales in the area have declined by 57.1% compared to the same time last year. This indicates there is less buyer demand on the market. With less buyers, active listings have grown. Currently, there are 51.8% more listings than last year. Unsold inventory has grown considerably since last year, up 112.5%. Even with cooling conditions, sellers can count on a high-priced home sale. Median prices have increased 1.9%.

Comparative market analysis

An agent knows the power of a correct listing price. A home that’s overpriced runs the risk of lingering on the market. A home that spends a long time on the market is less desirable to buyers. Pricing too high initially may also force a seller to lower the price. This can look suspicious to buyers, as they may think there’s something defective about the property. Underpricing a property can be just as disadvantageous. Although the property may sell quickly, a seller misses out on profit.

Using a comparative market analysis, or a CMA, an agent considers the prices of properties similar to yours that have recently sold. With this price in mind, they factor in your property’s upgrades, size, location, and condition. Then, they come up with an accurate and competitive listing price for your home. Currently, the median price for Newport Beach homes is $3.92 million.

Professional network

One of the most important tools an agent has is their professional network. This network helps agents prepare their clients’ Corona Del Mar luxury homes. For example, a professional home stager styles a room to meet buyers’ expectations, increasing the likelihood of a sale. A home contractor provides quality repairs to large and small home issues. This eliminates problems that might arise in a home inspection. Premium moving services ensure sellers can relocate in time for the final walkthrough.

Alongside service providers, an agent also maintains connections with other realtors in the area. By reaching out to buyers’ agents, professionals can find qualified home buyers. This increases a seller’s chance of receiving an offer. By communicating with sellers’ agents, professionals can monitor the competition. This helps agents prepare sellers’ homes to the right standards.

Buyer and locale information

Local knowledge is an important tool for agents to have. Understanding what buyers are looking for in the area helps agents recommend relevant upgrades and design choices for sellers. Creating a property that fulfills what a buyer is looking for increases the chances of a sale. For example, an agent should know Newport Beach is well loved for its beachfront location, sunny year-round weather, and frequent local events.

Knowledge about Newport Beach neighborhoods like Corona Del Mar is also important in weighing the value of renovations. The vintage cottages along the Pacific cliffside provide access to Corona Del Mar’s beach and tidepools. Based on this information, an agent could determine that buyers in the area would value outdoor additions. Building outdoor kitchens and covered decks for Corona Del Mar luxury homes takes advantage of beautiful weather and views. Incorporating smart tech to a vintage home provides buyers with the best of both worlds.

Professional photography

Since most buyers start their home search online, professional photography is a powerful tool in generating interest. Photos are the first part of a listing a buyer sees. Only professional photography can maximize and highlight your home’s features. Photographers will have the expertise to take a flattering shot, then edit it for the best online viewing experience.

Digital marketing

Alongside professional photos, digital marketing is the best way to reach buyers where they are: online. An agent will use their access to the local MLS to list your property. This makes it visible to buyers’ agents in the area, who show their clients. Listings on the MLS also trickle into platforms like Zillow, Realtor, and Redfin. This boosts your home’s visibility. However, listing alone isn’t enough. Agents also use marketing tools like ads, social media, and their own websites to market your listing.

In-person marketing

To market your Newport Beach luxury real estate, an agent also uses in-person methods and tools. This includes physical signage, paper ads, and flyers. An agent marketing your home will schedule home showings on your behalf. A buyer will want to see a property before making an offer, which makes this step crucial. Other tools like open houses provide buyers the opportunity to see your home without an appointment, and can create competition if well attended.

Partner with Carol Lee for a fast sale

Sellers working with Carol Lee can expect her to use all the tools above for a fast sale. Planning out a home sale requires access to multiple skill sets. Her network of connections makes service providers easy to contact. Accurate data and local knowledge is also important to preparing a home listing. To attract buyers, marketing tools like professional photography are a must-have in her process. When you’re ready to start planning your home sale, contact Carol to guide you through it.

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